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  • Topchic delivers optimum gray coverage, with brilliant shine and condition.
  • The pantented Penetration System ensures optimal color absorption and maximum gray coverage.
  • The over 70 Topchic shades are aligned to the Goldwell Master Palette of Color, which features 16 tonal families.

"Achieve your target color every time"

Topchic is the permanent alkaline hair color for superb color results. Infused with hydrolyzed wheat protein and panthenol to add strength and shine to hair. Impeccable quality. Durable color. Get the desired effect.

Accurate. Formulated with Color Link, a patented technology that allows color molecules to "link" together. Its Patented Penetration System ensures even pigment distribution from scalp to ends. Total coverage.

Precision in measurement. Tools designed for predictability. All Goldwell hair color is aligned with the Goldwell Master Palette. The Color Depot System guarantees exact dispensing and mixing. Unique to Goldwell products. Exceptional results for you. Right on target.


The new Definition line offers 4 segments, all safe for color treated hair. The unique formulas are designed to meet the specific needs of different hair types: Color & Highlights; Permed & Curly; Dry & Porous; and Shine & Vitality (for normal hair).

Definition Color & Highlights shampoo and conditioning treatments help to maintain the radiance and shine of your clients' color-treated or highlighted hair long after they've left the salon. The gentle formulation of moisturizing Aloe Vera milk, Vitamin E and Alpha Hydroxy Fruit Acids helps to restore moisture lost during color services. Color is protected and hair becomes soft and manageable with a healthy shine. Products:Color Conditioning Shampoo, Color Conditioning Foam, Coloring Conditioning Treatment and Color Stabilizer Serum.

Definition Permed & Curly shampoo and conditioning treatments restore the bounce, shine and elasticity of permed or naturally curly hair by restoring lipids and moisture. The gentle combination of Alpha Hydroxy Fruit Acids and strengthening Almond Milk with its glycerides from unsaturated fatty acids similar to the natural lipid leave hair with incredible texture, optimized combability, body and shine. Products:Curl Care Shampoo, Curl Care Conditioning Foam, Curl Care Treatment and Curl Stabilizer Serum.

Definition Dry & Porous shampoos and conditioning treatments act as active protection against dryness in stressed hair. The special blend of conditioning Avocado milk, which is ultra-rich in lipids, vitamins and Alpha Hydroxy Fruit Acids, adds moisture to leave hair noticeably more supple, shiny and easy to style. Products:Dry Hair Shampoo, Strengthening Treatment for Fine & Stressed Hair, Intensive Treatment for Dry & Coarse Hair and Repair Serum.

Definition Shine & Vitality shampoos and conditioning treatments, with revitalizing Lemon milk and nourishing Alpha Hydroxy Fruit Acids, gently cleanse and condition the hair and scalp to improve the strength and volume of normal to fine hair without weighing it down. Lemon milk contains a well-balanced blend of natural oils which protect and maintain the health of hair and scalp. Plus, lemon oil removes residues, like calcium, from the hair. Products:Normal Hair Shampoo, Intensive Cleansing Shampoo (suitable for oily hair), Conditioning Balm and Volume Spray.

The fresh, pure, unisex fragrance features fruity top notes of tangerine, pineapple and apple; floral middle notes of rose, jasmine and Lily of the Valley; and bottom notes of sandalwood and musk.


"Any Style you Want"

Experience the Trendline styling range. Accentuate. Mold. Sculpt. Define. Create your own personal freedom. Out of this world gloss, elasticity, and hold. Won't make your hair stiff or sticky.

Formulated with patented Elastomer technology, Trendline combines the best of setting and smoothing polymers. Designed to transform hair.

CLEAN - even after layering or combining products
HOLD - even with daily modifying
SHINE - even with varying hair textures

"Hold" with memory that lasts until you shampoo it out - with absolutely no leftover residue. Won't cause build-up, dulling or flaking.

Go Normal. Be Strong. Get Extreme.