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A product line that marries ancient philosophy and modern technology to bring no-fuss, anti-hype, effective and beautiful hair care to you. Founded in Australia in 1995, Kusco-Murphy is the professionals' choice for simplicity, style and sophistication.

Kusco-Murphy was founded by Kevin Murphy (Australian Hair Designer) in 1995.

All or products are produced and manufactured in Australia. Simplicity is the foremost pre-requisite for Kusco-Murphy Hair Care range. It's all about texture hair made simple, cleanse/condition/treat. Kusco-Murphy married ancient philosophy with modern technology to bring a no fuss anti-hype hair care range to you. All shampoos and conditioners are organic and vegetarian. All packaging is made from re-cyclable materials. "Environmentally Friendly" is a tag that is currently much used, but Kusco-Murphy do not do so without good cause. They believe that recycling is a personal responsibility and developed a range of products that allows you to do so, easily.

The Kusco-Murphy product does not contain any paper or animal bi-products and it has never been tested on animals, nor will it be. All product ingredients are 100% vegetable-based and are enhanced with the finest quality essential oils.